Nano-X for the calypso

This page is intended to host some apps running on the calypso, without ChaiVM.
These are mainly nano-X / microwindows based
You will need the native sdk to cross compile this stuff. Get it from Hp's devnet..

All this stuff is a bit disordonned.. 'Just to show JX25 can do fast graphics...
here are some pictures of my calypso.

It assumes there is a "ln -s $microwindowspath/src/ /mw/"
and "/usr/local/Narm/arm-linux/bin" is in you path.
See README.calypso in each

fell free to write me:


Microwindows provide a small gui.
Calypso 's ChaiVM is based on it.
I have:
- Made my own port with the latest sources.
- Added an iconize button to the window manager.
- Adapted the demos so that they fits on the 320x240 screen.
- Ported my vt100 emulator.
- Added a "go" game to play with some friends ;)
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gnuboy is an open-source game boy emulator.
Here is my port, for the calypso.
Ported the emulator for the calypso's 4bpp screen.
Added a 90° rotated+ x3/2 blitter, so that the gb fits perfectly on the screen, in portrait mode..
d/l Home Page

Fltk is a C++ framework to develop smart and nice applications. .
It implements lots of usefull widgets.
Here is flnx, configured for the calypso.
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